Non-membership authors will pay a standard Article Processing Charge (APC), to be decided.
Fee waiver or discount for authors, who can not afford to pay in poor developing countries, will be considered once the APC becomes effective.

IJGE members will enjoy significant benefits as outlined below.
Category of Membership
Categoryfee: $/year # of papers  APC waived
# of papers with APC discount*
 Other Benefits
IJGE Member  $199
 0 2 
Bronze Sponsor  $2,00022

Silver Sponsor   $3,000 34
Gold Sponsor   $5,000

Diamond Sponsor  $20,000
logo, name & URL link
Platinum Sponsor
 $50,000 or more unlimited logo, name & URL link, active participation as a collaborator.   
* APC discount for members is currently 60%.

Payment Methods
You may make a payment in one of the following methods:
1. by wiring transfer to publisher's bank account
2. by e-transfer to
3. through your Pay Pal account,
2. by cheque,
    Upon receiving your payment, we will send you a receipt by email to confirm the transaction amount within two business days.
For more detail, please contact Professor Steve Zou, Editor-in-Chief.