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landslide hazards2015-list

Special Issue Theme: Landlisde Hazards 2015

The following papers are being considered:

  1. An experimental model for slopes subject to weathering. C Voulgari.
  2. Monitoring of unstable slopes by MEMS tilting sensors and its application to early warning systems. I Towhata, T Uchimura, I Seko and L Wang.
  3. Earthquake-induced displacements of cohesive-frictional soil slopes subject to cracks. A H Abd.
  4.  3D numerical analyses for the quantitative risk assessment of subsidence and water flood due to the partial collapse of an abandoned gypsum mine. R Castellanza, GM Orlandi, C Di Prisco, G Frigerio, L Flessati, JA Fernandez Merodo, F Agliardi, S Grisi and GB Crosta.
  5.  Forensic Analysis of Malin Landslide in India. E Pinom, K Ramesh, Y Kolekar, S M Dasaka and S GL Babu.
  6. Evolution of rock falls in the Northern part of the Peloponnese, Greece. V Zygouri and I K Koukouvelas.
  7. Macro level assessment of seismically induced landslide hazard for the state of Sikkim, India based on GIS technique. J Naveen and T G Sitharam.
  8. Susceptibility analysis of rapid flowslides in southern Italy. M C Mandaglio, N Moraci, D Gioffrè and A Pitasi.
  9. GIS-aided Statistical Landslide Susceptibility Modeling And Mapping Of Antipolo Rizal (Philippines). A J Dumlao and J A Victor 
  10. Risk assessment and management of unstable slopes on the national forest estate in Scotland. M Humphreys, I Nettleton and K Leech.
  11. A deep seated movement in a marly-arenaceous formation: analysis of slope deformation and pore pressure influence. S M Assefa, A Graziani and A Lembo-Fazio.
  12. Reliability-based Assessment of Stability of Slopes. CH Juang, J Zhang, W Gong.