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geormorphology2016 list

Special Issue Theme: Geomorphological Hazards: Past and Present (GHPP)

The following papers are being reviewed:

  1. 16ghpp-1. A review of natural geohazards in the Canadian Cordillera: slope failure, landslides and debris flows. O. Slaymaker (Canada).
  2. 16ghpp-2. Debris Flows of Tunkinskie Goltsy ridge (East Sayan mountains, Southern Siberia). Makarov S.A., Cherkashina A.A., Atutova Zh.V., Bardash A.V., Voropai N.N., Kichigina N.V., Mutin B.F., Osipova O.P. and Ukhova N.N. (Russia).
  3. 16ghpp-3. GIS-aided assessment of storm-related flood vulnerability in present climate conditions for Varna coastal region (Bulgarian Black Sea coast). Trifonova E., Valchev N., Andreeva N., Kotsev I., Eftimova P. and Galiatsatou P. (Bulgaria).
  4. 16ghpp-4. System-morphological approach targeted for geomorphological risks assessment. Zhirov Andrey I., Boltramovich Sergei F. and Kalygin Mikhail N. (Russia).
  5. 16ghpp-5. Human interference on the morphological change of the Haora River, Tripura, India. Shreya BANDYOPADHYAY and Sunil Kumar DE (India).
  6. 16ghpp-6. Dating strong prehistoric earthquakes and estimating their recurrence interval applying dendroseismological approach and radiocarbon analysis – case study from SE Altai. Agatova A.R. and Nepop R.K. (Russia).
  7. 16ghpp-7. Quantitative estimations of the Holocene erosion due to seismically induced landslides in the SE Altai applying detailed profiling and statistical approaches. Nepop R.K. and Agatova A.R. (Russia).
  8. 16ghpp-8. Seismic subsidence of permafrost inferred from archaeoseismological data: the Por-Bajin Early Medieval Fortress, Southern Siberia. Panin A.V. and Selezneva E.V. (Russia).
  9. 16ghpp-9. Late Medieval motte in the landscape of lowland mid-size river valley: case study in Rozprza. Kittel P. and Sikora J. (Poland).
  10. 16ghpp-10. Shoreline changes near ancient city Nea Paphos in Cyprus as a result of catastrophic events - first results and future plans. Kalicki Tomasz., Krupa Joanna. and Chwałek Sławomir. (Poland).
  11. 16ghpp-11. Holocene transformation of periglacial valleys of Polish uplands: case study from Silesian Upland (Poland). Kalicki Tomasz, Zieliński Artur, Przepióra Paweł, Podrzycki Łukasz, Chwałek Sławomir and Frączek Marcin (Poland).
  12. 16ghpp-12. Role of catastrophic events in slope transformation of forecarpathians during the Subboreal-Subatlantic: case study at archaeological site Brzezie 26 near Cracow (Southern Poland). Czerniak R., Kalicki T. (Poland).