All manuscripts will first be assessed by an editor for its compliance with the journal requirements, an important step to save time in the formal reviewing process. The assessment will focus on the following aspects: technical content and Technical writing.

    1. Technical content: does the manuscript show any novelty in the research and significance of impact from the presented results?
    A manuscript which does not show any new and important contribution to the knowledge base in the relevant field will be rejected.

    2. Technical writing: are there any grammar errors or unclear expressions in the manuscript? Is it easy to understand? Does it present the ideas and results well? A manuscript must meet the minimum standard. If it has grammar errors or unclear expressions or is not easy to understand, it will be returned for improvement on writing. This can be separated into two sub-categories:
    2a). English writing problems, e.g., grammar errors, unclear expressions, improper use of verbs, tense, etc. This may be corrected by a native English speaker or someone with proficient English writing skills. Re-submission will be accepted after adequate corrections.
    2b). Technical writing problems, e.g., ambitious statements, long sentences with multiple verbs and phrases without clear meaning, confusing logic flow, poor organization of materials, poor presentation of ideas and results, no clear conclusions or incompatible conclusions, etc. In this case, the manuscript has to be revised and edited by a professional who possesses the disciplinary knowledge and English writing skills.
    Only those manuscripts which have met the above minimum requirements will be sent for formal review.
If you need assistance in editing and writing, please visit our Professional English Editing Services on the publisher's site.