The International Journal of Geohazards and Environment is multiple disciplinary covering a wide range of topics related to geohazards and protection of the earth environment. The content is of great interest to a broad range of readers from academics and researchers to policy makers, management and professionals working in the relevant fields. The journal will help participants disseminate and exchange information from their work and learn from each others cross multiple disciplines. The readership is further increased by the free open access of the journal articles.

 Benefits to Authors
The benefits for publication with IJGE
are multi-folds: The articles are published online without holding period, providing the fastest venue to reach the readers and are openly accessible immediately free of charge, giving rise to increased readership and maximum impact to the society. Further more the journal will have short turn-around time from manuscript submission to decision making. Authors also benefit from earlier recognition and wider acceptance of their work because of the expanded readership in multiple disciplines, leading to earlier success in their career.